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DICE Recruitment Ltd


Recruitment Ltd

Driving Industrial Commercial Engineering

                     Providing Local Companies with Local Staff

About Us

We are a Recruitment agency established in November 2007.

With over twenty year experience in the recruitment industry we feel we have the necessary expertise to cater for all your needs.

DICE Recruitment Limited is a small independent agency which means we do not have the overheads of the big national companies.

Therefore our rates are more competitive and we can offer staff on a 4-6 week temp to perm basis.

One of the main aims of our agency is that we intend to work closely with local companies, meeting all of their everyday requirements by providing them with local people (staff).

Our telephone number is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a trained consultant who will be able to deal with any queries/problems that may arise.

We find that many of our clients prefer the personal approach rather than a call centre where staff may not be as well trained to deal with your immediate requirements.


"Since using DICE Recruitment all of the staff provided by them have been able to speak and understand the English language without difficulty and are of the highest quality. The basic but strict testing DICE Recruitment imposes on their employees ensures that the positions are filled by a suitably qualified staff at all times"

“We commenced using DICE Recruitment in May 2008 and since that time we have had no complaints. We have strict Health and Safety Policy regulations that are second to none, all the staff employed by our company must adhere to and this makes us as a client feel appreciative of the efforts that the agency applies to provide us with the correct staff.”

“We commenced using DICE Recruitment in November 2007 and since that time we have had no complaints. We deal with many clients on a daily basis and require that all of the staff provided are up to standard and can keep up with the very fast pace. As a haulage company we require that all of our staff are able to keep to very strict deadlines that are put upon them and can keep to all of the codes of conduct. Since using DICE Recruitment we have not had any complaints from our clients. We have had many of them phone up and praise the drivers”

DICE Recruitment regularly provide us with Drivers at short notice, and the standard of the drivers that we get are always of a high quality. We would definitely recommend DICE Recruitment"

"We started using DICE Recruitment in 2008 and they regularly supply us with call centre staff in many different roles. There rates are competitive and the staff in the office allways go the extra mile to help in any way they can. We would recommend DICE Recruitment"